Final Research Post 8 – Sinner

Performed by Jeremy Loops

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 20.44.19Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 20.44.06



For my video I am going to be using one male and one female. My male actor will be in both the performance and narrative element of the video.



Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 20.29.28


Alex will be playing my male lead. I feel that his looks will suit him to the voice of Tom Odell. He studies drama and is comfortable performing so I know that he will be comfortable in front of the camera. I also trust him to put all his energy into his performance.




Female Character

I have not found anyone to play my female lead. However I will have her a similar age to Alex and I am going to cast someone who will be comfortable on camera as well as Alex himself.


For my music video I am looking to use multiple locations. For my narrative I am looking at setting my video in a house and on a beach. I am looking to film this when the weather is slightly worse in order to match the bleak mood. (pathetic fallacy). I have taken inspiration from Cold Plays ‘Yellow’ in which the beach sets a mellow tone. Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’, focuses on a couples struggle within their home. This was effective as it shows their internal struggle between the two.


For my performance element, I am either going to place my artist in my school theatre as I will be able to use the lighting equipment to set the right tone and atmosphere that I will want. The other option that I am contemplating is placing my piano on a beach. This would therefor link my narrative and performance as they are taking place in the same location. However this could be hard logistically to pull off and I would run the risk of having members of the public in my shots.

(will get picture of stage tomorrow)

Recreation Task

For our recreation task we decided to take on ‘Girls’ by the 1975. We thought this music video would be relatively easy to recreate as all of the shots are stills and are in one location.



The only struggle that we found was trying to change the background colour for our close up shots. In the video the artist is in front of a yellow background. We tried to recreate this but struggled due to the fact that our actors face was shiny, resulting in the image you can see below.


Below is the actual video we attempted to recreate:

DigiPak 4 – Dua Lipa

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 18.36.05.png

The cover of the DigiPak is dominated with a picture of the artist. This makes the audience award of who the artist is straight away as our attention is directly drawn to her. The font is very large and has white outlines. Interestingly she does not have an Album name but just her name in capitals. This suggests that the album reflects her issues at a personal level or it is just being used to draw attention to her name.



The CD is mainly black with chrome rings. This is quite a simple yet effective design and again let’s us concentrate on her name which is in a metallic font. The back of her DigiPak has a plain black background and the names of her songs in a simple white colour. The contrast of the two colours helps the words stand out and the plain background doesn’t draw your attention away from the words which are the sole focus of the back cover.

DigiPak 3 – Cold Play


Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 18.27.04.png


The plain silver cover with only the initials full of cover is effective as it draws your attention straight away to the title of the Album. I thought this was very effective and liked how the colours contrast.



The seemingly random splurges of colour lends to the happy/fun theme of the album and DigiPak. The spiral white writing with the black background makes it easy to read even though it is quite small and the white outlined bubble writing suits the style of the DigiPak. There is also a list of songs in bubble writing at the back of the CD case.

DigiPak 2 – Kasabian

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 18.14.42

In the cover for their DigiPak you can see four separate images of the same man screaming. The pictures form to shape a white ‘X’. In the middle of this ‘X’ you can see the title of the Album which is upside down which I thought was interesting. The title of the band is also there. The font stands out well against the white background.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 18.14.34

The CD has white lines which forms some sort of abstract art which I found very interesting. On the left the picture of the man walking a dinosaur is also interesting and suggests a theme/aspect of weirdness and which could link to the music or the band itself.