For my final draft I changed a few aspects.

  • altered sequence of band walking in an urban environment. I used an iPhone steady gimble instead of a Gopro karma gimble. This resulted in a much sharper and smoother image.
  • removed shots with the art mural background. Replaced them with red background. This allowed me to keep the professional element and feel to the video.




Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 12.47.16


My first task in regards to research for my advanced portfolio was watching eight music videos. Using Youtube as a platform, I watched music videos from a wide range of genres, including pop and indie music as at that point I did not know what genre I wanted to commit to. I used SHIFT CMD 4 to screen grab certain shots that I thought were useful in identifying conventions of its genre. I then placed the screenshots on a pages document, writing a small description of why the shot showed conventions of it’s genre. 

I followed the same steps for my Digipak and website research, looking at websites from different artists such as Harry Styles, Bruno Mars and John Newman, which provided me with the necessary information of what to include in my website. 

Having identified which genre I was going to commit to. I then found the song I wanted to use, using Spotify Indie playlist to find the ideal song.  

After completing my research I carried out a target audience survey in which I asked a group of peers to answer certain questions about aspects that I was thinking of including in my music video. 

I carried out auditions roughly knowing that I would be using 4 males due to the opinions given in my target audience. However I did audition 3 females as I was open to the idea of having a mixed gender band. I shot most of it on a Cannon 7D but also used my iPhone 6 as it was difficult to organise for a large number of boys to audition at one time. It was therefor easier to just film them on the spot. I then edited the footage on Adobe Premier and uploaded it to Vimeo and WordPress. 

Having picked my members for my band, I created a Facebook group chat to communicate times and dates for filming and what costumes they should wear. I also used snapchat to communicate with the extras I was using. 

I then scouted potential locations knowing that I was looking for a studio type location and a contrasting natural location. Having done Drama A level at JCG I had a good relationship with the Head Technician and he was very happy to do lighting for my video. I therefor decided that the school hall would be an ideal location to shoot part of my video in. I also scouted locations close to my school, keeping in mind that I would have to work with the availability of 4 different people. By finding locations close to the school I was able to shoot during school time and straight after school which worked best for all actors I was working with. 

Before filming the music video I created a basic shot list and plan for the video, using pages to create a basic table. This was effective as it made my day of filming less stressful and efficient. Whilst filming, I used Spotify to play my song over a loud speaker, ensuring my actors were singing in time with the music.

I used a Canon 7D with a sigma 50mm 1.2 lens, shooting with a low ISO and greater aperture as I was mainly filming in low light. I also shot on a GoPro Hero 3, using a GoPro Karma gimble for any tacking shots that needed stability and also a iPhone gimble, which enabled even better quality than the GoPro. I also used standard tripod for my DSLR. 

I did all my editing on Adobe Premier Pro, using tools and effects such as colourisation and warp stabiliser, which enhanced the overall look of my final image. Once I had completed my final draft I exported my video and uploaded it to my blog on WordPress and Vimeo. 

In regards to my Digipak and website I used to create my website as it is the easiest and most efficient site to use, on top of being free. For my DigiPak I used Photoshop and by watching tutorial videos on Youtube I was able to use effects such as colour, gradient and pattern overlay which I used for all sides of my Digipak. 

After completing my Digipak on photoshop I used an Adobe Indesign template provided by my teacher to ensure my Digipak had the correct proportion and size.

Finally, through out the course I continuously uploaded my work onto my blog on WordPress. This was a useful and easy way to view my progress and progression in skills from AS to A2.  

To conclude, for my evaluation questions, I used quicktime screen recording to record my actions on the computer before uploading and editing them on Premier Pro CC. I also used pages to create a document, screen shotting the finished product and uploading it to my blog in the form of images.

Evaluation QS. 2

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 23.08.02

Overall I believe that the combination of my main product with my ancillary texts was effective in allowing me to create a unique and alternative look for my band, which differed from that of conventional indie pop artists. 

My starting point when combining my media products was to establish a brand identity. Artist’s such as the Wombat’s, tailored their website to match the theme of their latest album, using the same colour scheme of light, pastel blue. Similarly I tried to replicate this in all my media products, showing continuity through my use of fairly minimalistic colour schemes in my DigiPak, website and music video. I used ambient and bright colour’s such as neon pink and pastel pink, combined with a contrasting black background in both my DigiPak and Website. These standout/strong colour schemes helped to create an immediately recognisable look, as it goes against conventional colour schemes usually related with indie pop, which tend to include more natural colours, as seen on ‘Young the Giant’s’ website. 

In addition, I attempted to replicate this colour scheme/look as best as possible in my music video. Using plano convex spotlights, I blended purples and yellows to create a more ambient light. This created a mood and setting which was easily recognisable, as it fell in line with both my DigiPak and website. Furthermore, I continued to replicate this look across all formats including social media. Using Instagram as my main platform, I posted pictures which again reflected that same ambient look. This was effective in creating links with my wider product, as it fits into my wider brand identity. 

As indie pop tends to focus more on the performer and the content of the music, I wanted to continue my minimalistic approach with all my products in most aspects regarding to design. This can be seen in my use of simple fonts across all my products. For my DigiPak I used the font ASSA FONTS which I downloaded from DAFONT, which in a sense became a type of logo in itself as the font becomes a point of reference to my bands identity. I also used a neon pink/pink colour for all my fonts across all my media products and ancillary texts. all in which contrasted a black background. Not only is this extremely simple, but it is also eye catching. Hence my continuos use of simple and minimalistic elements were effective in making my overall product more recognisable as a unique brand. 

Evaluation QS. 1


Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 12.52.20


Music Video 


Setting’s in Indie-pop video’s tend to be located in urban, slightly rundown environments. This contrast’s that of a pop video which tends to show the glamour and wealth of society. Music video’s such as Artic Monkey’s why’d you only call me when you’re high and Seafret’s Ocean’s both exhibit elements of this, with both showing shot’s of character’s walking through urban areas. With this in mind, I felt that it was necessary to replicate this trend in my video, hence including a sequence which involved multiple tracking shot’s of my band walking through side streets in an urban setting. 

On top of researching generic Indie-pop video’s, I also looked at products from multiple band’s including The 1975, Magic and McFly. I based the performance element of my music video in a studio type setting as a result of watching videos such as ‘Girls’, Rude’ and ‘That Girl’, as all videos exhibited this feature or at least something similar to this. As a result I felt that this was an important aspect to include in my video, as naturally in indie music the focus tends to be on the performer or band, hence my use of real media products influenced my video greatly.


With regards to costume, indie videos tend to have artist’s wearing casual, or retro clothing, depending on the style of the video, for example Oh Wonder by Ultra Life and Dan Croll’s From Nowhere, both show the artists wearing individual, casual clothing. This is conventional as it allows the audience to relate as they can see themselves in that costume. My music video however challenges the normal conventions of Indie music videos as I dressed my band in matching suits, with different coloured bow ties, in order to visually present a product that was slightly different and refreshing. This does stray from normal conventions of classical indie pop, however it could be argued that this in fact is becoming more of a trend, with modern audience’s seeking more alternative and edgy products. OK Go, are a prime example of this, with music videos such as Upside Down & Inside Out, gaining over 20 million views on youtube.

Performance and Narrative 

In addition, it can be said that my media product develops the normal conventions of narrative and performance. In most media products that I have researched, narrative and performance are kept separate, with the band often only appearing in the performance element of the video. This is displayed in music video’s such as the Script’s ‘Hall of Fame’ ft Will.I.AM, in which performance and narrative are kept completely separate. However after watching ‘Rude’ by Magic, which blends both narrative and performance together, I decided to do something similar, with the basis of my video showing a band attempting to film the music video for the song in an environment they are not comfortable with. This therefor reflects how my media product has developed conventions normally seen in real life indie pop products as it blends what is usually a very clear line between performance and narrative together. 


Shot types in Indie Music videos are usually standard, with close ups, mid shots and establishing shot being used. Close up shot’s of my actors face can be compared to the likes of that in Pompeii by Bastille and Girls in 1975 which allows the audience to clearly see the emotions on the characters faces, which often relates to the mood and lyrics of the song. This links in with Andrew Goodwin’s theory of matching lyrics with the visual image. An example of when I did this in my music video is on the line ‘Why do you feel so Down?’, in which I used a close up of my lead singer who had a disgruntled look on his face. 


Props usually used in indie pop music videos include the instruments played by the band as can be seen in 1975 ‘The Sound’. My music video sticks to these conventions as I include guitars, drums and mic stands. Additionally my music video falls into line with most indie pop music videos which include prop’s necessary to the narrative, as I include both a car which is necessary for my band to travel from one location to the next and an iPhone which they use to film themselves with. This specific use of props can be seen in Tightrope by Walk the Moon and Passion Pitt’s Carried away, in which lipstick and toothbrush are essential to the narrative. 

DigiPak and Website 

My website follows the generic conventions of indie artist website’s, as it follows a simple pattern which ties in with my DigiPak as seen in it’s design. Artists such as Harry Styles also followed this trend, with his website and digipak having matching themes and designs. I also included a music, tour and merch section which is found on the majority of other sites. On top of this I created an instagram account, which many artists use to promote themselves on. 

My DigiPak also follows similar conventions of indie pop digipaks, using a special font from the website DAFONT , which helps to establish an identity for my artist. My simple design was inspired though my research of various artists Digipaks such as Dua Lipa’s, which convinced me that simple designs were most effective. 

Video Draft 1

Overall I was relatively happy with my first draft. I was satisfied with the main performance element of the video and the end sequence. However with the help of peer and teacher review I decided that the sequence when the band have left the studio needed to be improved as it was too obvious that it was filmed in a school location, resulting in the boys coming across as school students.